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Some Selected Popular Articles and Interviews on Science

  1. Bohr's Philosophy of Wave-Particle Complementarity: published in 'Resonance', October, 2013.

  2. A contribution to the Special Issue on Scientific Legacy of Acharya J. C. Bose the Doyen of Indian Science: J. C. BOSE'S DOUBLE-PRISM EXPERIMETN USING SINGLE PHOTON STATES VIS-A-VIS WAVE-PARTICLE DUALITY: published in "Science And Culture" Vol. 74, pp. 408 (2008).

  3. Neel Nader Desher Bijnani (নীল নদের দেশের বিজ্ঞানী) (Bengali): published in 'Desh Boi Sonkhya', 02 February, 2007.

  4. A Conversation with C. N. Yang : published in 'The Statesman Festival'97'.

  5. A Conversation with Ilya Prigogine : published in 'The Statesman Festival'96'.

  6. Einstein And Mysticism: How Subtle Is The Lord : published in 'The Statesman Festival'95'.

  7. S. N. Bose and his work (with John Gribbin): published in 'New Scientist', January, 1994.

  8. What Is Light (with John Gribbin): published in 'New Scientist', 02 November, 1991.

  9. A toss up (with Partha Ghose): published in 'Science Today', January, 1988.

  10. A Conversation with David Bohm: published in 'Science Today' November, 1986.

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